Standard Trailer Coolrooms

Our standard small, medium and large coolrooms are 5, 6 & 8 cubic meters respectively. Their dimensions are shown on the scrolling photos to the right. If you're not sure what size you need, let us help you sort it out.

Non-Standard Trailer Coolrooms

We also have a number of non-standard trailer coolrooms that are needed on sites with restricted access. If you have a narrow driveway, low awning or garage door there is a good chance we can come up with a coolroom to suit.

Skid Coolrooms

These coolrooms roll-off the trailer and rest on castors. They are ideal for longer-term rentals in factory premises.

Mobile Coolrooms & Mobile Freezer Rooms

The team at A&D is committed to providing excellence in mobile refrigeration solutions. We are always willing to compete vigorously on the basis of price and service, and fully satisfy our customers' needs. We have a large range of coolrooms from 3 up to 11.5 cubic meters and are happy to share with you the benefit of A&D's 20 years experience in mobile refrigeration.

Refrigerated Shipping Containers

We can arrange refrigerated containers,or "reefers", if your needs require a larger, industrial solution. Standard 20 foot reefers (coolrooms & freezers) require significant storage and access space as well as 3 phase power.